Beatles – 1

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Just in time for Xmas this latest Beatles collection is something special. The title 1 sort of gives it away because this is a compilation album of every single the Beatles released in the UK and the USA that reached number one, and there are 27 of them.

It’s been worked out like this: there were 17 number ones in the UK according to the Record Retailer singles chart between May 1963 and July 1969 and 20 number ones in the USA between February 1964 and June 1970 according to Billboard. Obviously some are the same but it still makes 27 different tracks in all.

The titles are so familiar it’s like a piece of history, which of course it is, and whether you’re a music collector or an original Beatles fan who wants to relive the 60’s you won’t be disappointed with this album.

Even if you’re too young to know the music, in their time the Beatles helped change the face of popular music and influences still carry through to today’s chart.

5 stars