Belinda Carlisle – A Place On Earth The Greatest Hits

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

The ultimate collection of Belinda Carlisle’s greatest hits Well that is all her solo hits, no Go-Go’s hits unfortunately, but there are 18 tracks here anyway and that’s just the first CD. The second CD, included in the special edition, has 10 more tracks of re-mixes. This has to be the best value greatest hits selection ever!

The album also features the latest single ALL GOD’S CHILDREN so Belinda’s entire solo career to date is accounted for.

It’s a very listenable album. The familiarity of the songs will easily flash your memory back to what was happening in your life when HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH or RUNAWAY HORSES hit the charts and tracks like LITTLE BLACK BOOK jump straight back into your head.

Somehow though the album still seems fresh. So many Greatest Hits albums are dated, simply because the songs were fashionable only when they were first released., but this one stands the test of time well.

Quality work here and a gorgeous voice and singer to deliver it. Lets hope Belinda Carlisle keeps releasing new material well into 2000.

6 stars