Bellatrix – It’s All True

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Hots on the heels of the release of their latest single SWEET SURRENDER comes the band’s first proper album, which follows three Icelandic only releases and a mini album called G.

IT’S ALL TRUE was recorded in London in late 1999 and already in May 2000 Bellatrix have released no less than 3 singles, JEDIWANNABE, THE GIRL WITH THE SPARKLING EYES and their latest, SWEET SURRENDER.

All the singles can be found on this album with the most outstanding track being THE GIRL WITH THE SPARKLING EYES, worth the cost of the album alone.

Bellatrix are four girls and a boy and are originally from Iceland and moved to London last year. They named themselves after a star in the Orion Belt! Formed in 1992 they have played between 600 to 700 gigs across Europe and America.

Their music is full of gritty guitars and addictive keyboards, a violin flirts with languid loops, and over the top Eliza’s operatically trained vocals add spice and spikes to the smoothest of productions.

Bellatrix have a new sound but are somehow familiar, may be because they have been around for a while!

4 stars