The Best Of Cult Fiction – Various Artists

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Disc 1 of this excellent value double CD features no less than 32 themes from famous television shows. Disc 2 features 23 themes and tracks from famous movies.

The only problem with such a variety of different themes is that some are going to be total rubbish and these unfortunately are some of the selection of TV themes. However the TV disc does feature some gems such as the theme from STARSKY and HUTCH, THE PINK PANTHER, THE MAN FROM UNCLE and even CAPTAIN SCARLET.

The movie themes disc doesn’t really have any total duds – there aren’t as many tracks so it was probably easier to find a good selection. The highlights have to be the 007 BOND THEME and A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS but the whole disc has some real classics.

Overall if you can pick this collection up at a good price it will add some real memories to your CD library.

4 stars