Big Arm – Flashbacks

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Paul Ryder, the man who formed, named and helped create a sound for a generation with his old band Happy Mondays, is back with new band Big Arm and stunning debut single, Flashbacks, release date July 23 2007.

This time the Ryder brother with the good voice supplies lead vocals, and the iconic bass sound that is Ryder’s own underpins this northern soul funk-rock fusion which has already begun to take the clubs by storm.

With his track record of co-writing four top 10 albums and seven hit singles, Ryder’s new outfit is destined to follow suit with its ground-breaking groove-ful fusion of electro-funked-up upbeat tunes that get right under your skin.

Old Skool Mondays fans will not be disappointed and Northern Soulers will get on the groove in this hybrid fusion of f**ked-up fatness and souled-up chill.

Paul is joined by fellow Big Arm founder and legendary techo guru Pete Smith, aka DJ Blue, mastermind of Manchester hip hop outfit P Love and Blue and co-writer with Moloko’s Roisin Murphy and collaborator of St. Etienne, ACR, Mike Joyce, Lamb and Icelandic groovesters Gus Gus.

Manchester luminary Daz Gilkinson adds slick guitar riffs to the Big Arm sound in his own unique and funky style while drum veteran Danny Short keeps the beat and his ass on the seat whilst delivering backing vocals.

Lea Mullen, former Happy Mondays percussion player completes the rhythm section.

Production on the track is by Manchester’s most wanted Producer, Martin Hannett protégé and Moby’s favourite, John Pennington.