Bird – Janie Price 2002

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Concert Review by Kris Griffiths

The Borderline, London – November, 2002

It’s a typically cold and wet November evening in London and the crowd in The Borderline is accordingly sparse. When Bird finally take to the stage for their supporting slot we are treated with a young woman who has the musical talent to match her attractiveness. After explaining at length the absence of her usual guitarist, vocalist Janie Price takes the helm at a cello and the threesome floats gently into their short set.

STALKER is a soft acoustic beauty with a plucked bassline and verse lyrics reminiscent of HANDBAGS AND GLADRAGS. Not only can Janie sing beautifully while holding the big resounding box between her legs, she also skilfully hammers away at a drum at the outset of another song. Not just a pretty face.

With only two acoustic guitarists behind her, a lot of the musical oomph present on Bird’s debut EP EARLY is lacking in performance. This is most noticeable with RUNAWAY, the quality of which is embedded in the clever sonic trickery backing the recorded version. The trio perform impressively nonetheless in the short time they have. FAITHLESS is pleasing to the ear, as is BEHIND CLOSED EYES, which eases the set into closure.

If Bird want to go places they’re going to have to develop some more material and add something extra to their live set-up. Janie has already enjoyed a world tour with Vanessa Mae and with the imminent December release of the EARLY EP her band should successfully build upon the talent, experience and burgeoning fan base behind them.