Bird – The Insides

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

The talented multi-instrumentalist Janie Price (I’m assuming she decided to call herself Bird as some kind of post-ironic gesture of female empowerment) unveils her debut album after a couple of well-received EPs.

A dab hand at the cello, violin and drums, not to mention in possession of a sultry voice, Ms Price has crafted an album of sublime melodies. Her omnipresent cello lends each track a seductive quality, while drums, guitar and occasional electronics introduce some urgency whenever they appear.

The album hits a dynamic patch in the middle, morphing from the Dido-isms of the opening couple of tracks to the Garbage-sounding SLOWLY SLOWLY, complete with stabs of processed guitar, and the rousing power balladry of RUNAWAY, although it winds back down into acoustic territory towards the end.

There’s no denying Bird’s talent and ability to write a catchy song, although I was hoping for more of the sprightly stuff in the middle and less of the safe MOR at both ends of the album.

4 stars