Bob Louisell – From Across The Years

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Album Review by EDF

Covers albums are usually a tough one to review but for some reason this one comes across as a pleasant listen. An occasional musician, Bob Louisell, a professor and family man from Minneapolis, eventually got around to performing folk songs in local coffee houses. The songs selected for this album were done so by Louisell for specific personal reasons, all of which are explained on the CD’s sleeve notes.

Some of the songs may not be well known to most people but tracks such as THE DUTCHMAN and CITY OF NEW ORLEANS sound pretty good. Other tracks such as the famous Sammy Davis Jr. MR. BOJANGLES and Don McLean VINCENT are brave choices and somehow Louisell performs decent versions of these tracks. Other tracks such as FIDDLER’S GREEN and ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH just slightly miss the mark. With the help of John Roth on guitar and daughter Sarah Louisell on harmonies, this collection of folk songs will introduce listeners to some hidden gems.

4 stars