Bombay 1 – Me Like You

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Album Review by EDF

Bombay 1 follow up their debut album THE IDENTITY THING with some more weird tales and even more funky psychedelic sounds. Strangely the only information I have about this group is that two guys, Pyroator and Stoya, front it. So going by what this album sounds like, they must be either nuts or geniuses.

The sounds produced on the opening track BLIND BOY is what you can expect on the rest of the album as it sounds like a lo-fi recording taken over by some overzealous producers. Escaping or being driven away by unknown forces is the theme of HOME, which begs to “tell me where to go”. SNAKESKIN, a tale about the invisible man, begins with a distorted bass line similar to the Mr. Ozio hit a few years back and delivers more of the same. SLEEPLESS, sounding like an outtake from a David Lynch movie is about letting time drift by where “boredom is a friend of mine”.

Lyrically LIFE is a kick up the arse but you would not think so by the music accompanying the track. With repetitive drum loop and violins, this is seeded more in Bjork territory. WHEN I WAS OLD takes the view of an old man comparing his impending passing to the dying world around him. You could imagine classic Pink Floyd coming up with lyrics similar to these. Even UTOPIA, the last track here is not a happy one, echoing the disappointment when they “reached utopia and it sucks”.

It sounds at times like the wind down after a wild party, where everything comes swimming around in a daze. In fact the tag line for this release is appropriate, “The party is over. Bombay 1 is back”.

4 stars