Boogie Cops And Disco Pimps – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Once again, it is the 1970’s so let us get down and funky with this double CD that is split into two themes – BOOGIE COPS and DISCO PIMPS. Even though these themes are supposed to run throughout each CD, it is best to enjoy each one for what they have to offer.

BOOGIE COPS starts off with the original funky cop of them all, ISAAC HAYES’ theme from SHAFT. Most of the tracks on this CD are not the usual funk tracks that are found on other compilations. Long forgotten artists such as LAKESIDE and THE BLACKBIRDS sit comfortably beside the well-known TOM BROWNE – Funkin’ For Jamaica and BOBBY WOMACK – Across 100th Street.

The second CD, DISCO PIMPS, features a few more familiar tracks starting with WILD CHERRY – Play That Funky Music. With the obvious LABELLE – Lady Marmalade and WHISPERS – It’s A Love Thing included, THE JACKSON 5 – Dancing Machine and T-CONNECTION – Saturday Night are long forgotten classics that have every right to be revived for the dance floor.

Not to say that this collection is perfect but there are a couple of strange inclusions here such as CHICAGO – Old Days and DAVID SOUL – Don’t Give Up On Us. There is also the odd cheesy track like VAN McCOY – The Hustle that dares to remind us the 1970’s weren’t really that cool a decade.

If you think it is cool to funk around with this sort of music, then this is the collection for you. It is fun and at times a real eye opener as to how exciting it was to step onto the dance floor back then.

5 stars