Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

After their well-received second album DEJA ENTENDU and Radio Evening Session Single Of The Week THE QUIET THINGS THAT NO-ONE KNOWS, comes one of the punchier cuts from the album as a potential chart breakthrough single.

Despite its clever-clever title, SIC TRANSIT GLORIA… is a furious three-minute blast of post-hardcore immediacy and could certainly sit alongside the likes of Funeral For A Friend without sounding out of place. The single is backed by an acoustic version of THE QUIET THINGS… and a bizarre electro-funk remix of SOCO AMERETTO LIME, both of which offer a low-key comedown from the electrifying main track.

Rolling Stone magazine recently declared Brand New 2004’s “Hot Band” (last year’s was Coldplay), and they have a UK tour coming up in January, so now could indeed be their time…

5 stars