Breed 77

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Interview by Mark Bayross

How has sound of CULTURA evolved from your previous release?

We introduced much more Latin influences with acoustic guitars and rhythms. When Pedro Caparros joined the band he brought a whole new dimension of style which is very true and typical of southern Spanish influences.

Was the song-writing process different this time around?

Very much so – as songwriters we have tried to develop our melodic shapes and also the chordal progression. Whereas before we tended to write in 8 bar blocks we are now pushing ourselves to think in terms of 12 and 16 bar musical development.

What has been behind the choices of single so far?

Our label was very strong on using LA ULTIMA HORA as the first single because overall it represented the unity of new style and message which we needed to get across. We actually chose the river because at the time it seemed like there was cross over potential in this track which might appeal to radio – but hey they never heard it first time out!!

How did it feel when THE RIVER went into the Top 40?

The word fucking and amazing spring to mind!

Did the flamenco element of your sound just creep up on you one day or was it a conscious decision to include it from the outset?

A very conscious decision but also a very natural development and something which really fitted like a glove – don’t know why we didn’t get hooked on it earlier on our career.

Do you think your Gibraltar roots have helped at all – a possible novelty factor and an ability to relate to both UK and Spanish audiences?

There is no novelty about it – it is real and comes so easy to us – we just bring all our influences to bear in the music and writing and it flows.

Do you think the music scene has become more receptive to metal and rock bands, particularly those with an original element to their sound like yours?

The whole nu metal scene has changed from the non melodic syncopated US rock thing and started to veer more melodic. The problem though is that it is really hard to have such a thing as melodic metal. Metal by its very definition is a hard and aggressive sound. The Latino element which we infuse into it is definitively giving us and the sound a very unique identity

Which other bands do you feel close to, musically, if any?

System Of A Down, Tool.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

A Top 40 single, a great album campaign and taking the main stage at Parades De Coura festival in 2002 in front of 20,000 maniac fans!

What have been the best gigs you have played so far?

Parades De Coura and of course DONNINGTON which is about to happen – we are living the set already and it fucking rocks.

You’ll be opening Download this year; which bands are you most looking forward to hanging out with?

Just being there and opening for what is probably the ultimate metal bill in the world – it doesn’t get any better than that bill!

Are you planning any first act fireworks?

If they allow us – hell we might even destroy the stage!

Besides touring and festival appearances, what are your plans now the album is out?

To tour gig and promote – to perform as many top UK festivals this summer and to get ready for our next single release which is going to blow us into the next level!