Britney Spears – Greatest Hits My Prerogative

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Album Review by EDF

Have we really been exposed to over five years of hits from young Spears? The only problem with this is that the hits have been mixed up so there is no way of tracking Britney’s musical development. Due to the tracklisting, the earlier tracks sound slightly out of place and weak compared to the more recent punchier hits. BABY ONE MORE TIME is followed by its obvious reworking (YOU DRIVE ME) CRAZY. Other tracks are just dull such as LUCKY or just should have never seen the light of day, I LOVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

As we all know, Britney is a performer and a CD of hits is not the way to go to appreciate her talents. Instead, buy the video hits collection and enjoy Britney the way she would expect you to.

4 stars