Brockway Biggs – In Awe Of Simplicity


Music Review by EDF

The Pimp is back. Even though he is not known as Pimp-Tea anymore, it is still business as usual for Canadian hip-hop artist Brockway Biggs. The opening scratching, experimental HERETICS HERITAGE INTRO brings up to date to where Biggs is. PINCH HITTER is inspired by the Red Sox and is all about surprising people with what you are capable of without spreading yourself out too thinly. Of course, there are certain things that do get on Biggs nerves, one of them is coming across bitter and lazy people as commented on CLAP YOUR HANDS.

The piano bass line driven INVISIBLE explores the fine line between being invincible and invisible, where Biggs lyrics are indivisible. ANOTHER NIGHT finds Biggs wearing his heart on his sleeve and makes him out to be more than just an artist compiling rhythms and lyrics. This follows on to the advice lead YOUR VISION, where it is hard to ignore what Biggs has to say as he is coming from a been there, still going through it point of view. DREAM LOG ONE is about a dream Biggs had and is short and sweet, while CANADA DRY and SO MANY PURPOSES both feature Nicole Rushton, whose singing adds a breath of fresh air to the album.

SHAKE YA CABOOSE which appeared on a previous album is given a Nevski Remix, which uses a train sound as the beat and loses some of the fun elements of the original. Meanwhile the trombone like bass line on UHHH is amusing and somehow works. TITTY & THONG is Biggs view about love and sex from years ago and comes across as a very tongue in cheek track. The dance beats on OVERLOAD are unexpected and work but the keyboard riff on the chorus just doesn’t work. The closing SUPER DUDE ENVY highlights some of the disturbing criticism and hate mail that Biggs has received from those he believes are envious of his success. Overall, except for a few bits that do not seem to gel, Biggs has made another great album that can sit comfortably alongside his previous efforts.

5 stars