Bryan Perez – Music Of

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

This almost entirely instrumental album could easily be described as “mood music”. It has a cinematic quality that lends it a sort of “soundtrack to a selection of imaginary movies” feel. Given some of the song titles on offer here, most of those films would seem to be 70s sci-fi.

While at times it can err on the cheesy side, there are moments of drama and, occasionally, a hint of menace lurking within. The dramatic strings of MILLENNIUM ALLEGRO and the “Clubbed To Death”-style chords of SIGNAL FOR SETI” have a futuristic feel that sets them apart from the rest of the music.

The Latin-flavoured guitar and piano of A PRAYER and the military snare drum of the “Midnight Cowboy”-esque ECLIPSE also offer something new, while VALLEY OF THE KINGS starts off with Morricone ambience before transforming itself into lush strings of which Moby would be proud.

The whole album is written, produced, played and, in the case of THE SPELL REPRISE, sung by Bryan Perez.

4 stars