Candee Jay – Electrifying

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Album Review by EDF

Dance music goes through a lot of changes but unlike this Euro-dance nonsense, it might get some heads nodding but it does not offer anything more sounding like the music was created in someone’s bedroom. These bright cheery tunes with happy vocals, singing about meeting the boy and missing the boy, is all you are going to get here. The hook lines are those chopping sort of notes that seem to lodge in your brain and just stays there, even when you have a splitting headache and aspirin does not seem to work. Oh, I know, I’ll turn the CD off. Ah, that’s better.

If brainless and I mean leave it in the jar brainless dance music and Roxette like ballads is your scene, then this is just the album for you. If you are looking for something dark, deep and meaningful, then stay away from this; it might actually put a smile on your face.

2 stars