Candice Antira – Easier

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EP review by Natalie Homer

Motivational, urgent and pleading neo soul that wouldn’t offend LAURYN HILL or ERIKAH BADUH, CANDICE ANTIRA offers polished vocals in her self-released EASIER (EP) recorded in Brooklyn with FORCE THEORY PRODUCTIONS under the supervision of Uber-engineer JOEL HAMILTON who has also worked with TOM WAITS, TIMBERLAKE, FRANK BLACK and ELVIS COSTELLO.

Candace describes herself as singer, songwriter, alchemist who feels a responsibility to ‘encourage young women (and men) to fight for passionate self-expression in hot pursuit of their own Technicolor dreams.” It is no surprise then that her sound is likened to a late night session with Anita Baker, Audre Lorde and Amy Winehouse.

Track 2 OBJECTIFY is a beautiful example of sultry R&B soul at its most sensual. A full-length release SOULSTICE: BARK THEN BITE is expected sometime in Spring 2009.

There is nothing self-indulgent or lazy about this artist. As for the alchemist in her? She sent her CD in a cardboard envelope re-fashioned from a cereal box with the words ‘recycle me’ written in the corner.

Righteously raspy soul.

4 stars