Caprice – Once Around The Sun

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Single Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Caprice has talents that go way beyond her obvious stunning looks, and if you don’t believe me just take a moment to listen to this latest single release that she not only sings but also wrote as well. ONCE AROUND THE SUN has a laid back feeling but it won’t send you to sleep, maybe just reflect a little, but it’s a good track.

The CD single also contains STATE OF GRACE and I WOULD LIVE FOR YOU, both strong tracks in their own right and it must have been a difficult choice not to release ‘I Would Live For You’ as the single, although maybe a dance mix of this could be a better release.

I really hope Caprice does well with this single because the material is very good. The only problem is, with the music buying public or perhaps it’s the radio stations and critics be open minded enough to give a successful model a chance at something else.

If they don’t like it – it’s their loss.

5 stars