Cee Rock The Fury- 6 Hott Jointz

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EP Review by EDF

New York Hip Hop recording artist Fury Anderson has one agenda and that is to become a highly ranked international artist. As a preview to his forthcoming album BRINGIN’ DA’ YOWZAH, the cuts taken are impressive. Most people who ignore Rap and Hip Hop do so due to the lack of a decent hook line or decent subject matter. Just as Dr. Dre’s production brought out the best from Eminem’s work, Cee-Rock succeeds in much the same way by doing things Old Skool style.

ANDERSON IZ NICE, with its melancholy piano hook, is a mixture of Old Skool rap where the lyrics brings out more emotion and sincerity than is usually evident on Hip Hop records. Other tracks with a message include KILL DA’ KILLIN’, which is explanatory enough and SPITFIRE with its clever references to pop culture. DIALECT: REDICULOUS is a prime example of how different East Coast and West Coast Hip Hop are to each other. Whereas West Coast produce a more slick sound, East Coast has a more grittier sound that makes it feel like it’s coming from the streets rather than from a luxury Beverly Hills mansion.

You also get a feeling that what The Fury is rapping about is more than just made up stories but comes from his own personal experience.

5 stars