Christian McKee – The Ipods And Cyclops

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EP Review by EDF

In anticipation of his forthcoming album due in June 2007, London born Christian McKee releases THE IPODS & CYCLOPS EP. The first track IPODS & CYCLOPS captures life in London with an interesting mash of dance type beats and guitar. The production here expands on a vibrant London scene, losing the listener as if being swallowed by the atmosphere and action on the street. I WILL, a tale of a lonely soul who would do anything for a lover is a Bob Dylan like tune in both lyric and vocal, which is not much of a surprise as McKee is a Dylan fan.

WRITING TO YOU KNOW is a simple tale of a lover writing to his long lost love, wherever she may be. Musically this track has a little mix of the blues and what could have turned this okay track to a great one would have been a chorus to gel it all together, which unfortunately is lacking here. THE WAY THINGS GO is a basic acoustic guitar and vocal track where McKee is at his most Dylan, as he looks back on a relationship that he “won’t let go”. Going by the tracks on the EP, McKee’s new album should be at least interesting.

4 stars