Christie Moore – The Traveller

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Album Review by EDF

Christy Moore’s latest album, although lyrically as good as anything he’s written in the past, might scare off some of his more hardcore fans. For this album Christy has teamed up with Leo Pearson, who not only produces and engineers this album but also programmes most of the sounds on this album.

Not actually trying to be like the Pet Shop Boys or anything of such, Pearson has a grasp to what Christy’s music and lyrics are about and compliments them nicely with an album that’s easy to listen to. While previous Christy albums have done their best to bring out the emotion from his songwriting, here the songs with the music have room to do just that.

Christy’s observations of Irish culture and everyday life is still spot on especially on THE SIRENS VOICE which is a frightening description of Ireland’s present attitude to refugees. BURNING TIMES is a frightening tale of witching hunting from times past, of which this is a re-recorded version to the one that originally appeared on his SMOKE & STRONG WHISKEY album. Keeping with the traditional is his version of ROCKY ROAD that you would find hard not to get up and dance to, while GLASTONBURY is a bowrawn solo from his 1990 performance there, which is not out of place on this album.

Christy sounds like he was enjoying himself while recording this album and you can hear it. With the likes of Donal Lunny helping out and The Edge’s solo on WHAT’S THE STORY GIT?, this album is definitely worth a listen to.

5 stars