Cindy Lu – Two Sides

Album Review by EDF

Country music is only produced in Nashville, right? Wrong. Nashville’s influences have spread itself out to those who are taken in by country music. Cindy Lu is one such convert, hailing from New Jersey, a place rich in musical talent such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are those who come to mind. What these two artists in particular have in common with Lu is the way they can introduce us to characters and situations that seem real. With song titles such as EVERY LIFE TELLS A STORY and GUESS I DIDN’T SEE IT COMIN’, you can guess where the album is going.

Cindy Lu convincingly approaches these songs like someone who has experienced the situations that are sung about in these songs. THE DAY YOU LOST ME is a celebratory tale of leaving a failed relationship. MY LIFE TOOK A TURN with its lack of drums, is a ballad that showcases both Lu’s lyrics and vocals. It’s hard not to relate in some way to these songs. As country music goes Lu does as she pleases. She introduces a fun element to her songs such as the title track, TWO SIDES and also shows enough vision to change her sound on some of the other tracks. Injecting a mix of bluegrass, honky-tonk, rockabilly and Americana, this is one country album that you not tire of quickly.

5 stars