Clinic – Distortions

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

DISTORTIONS is taken from this year’s INTERNAL WRANGLER album and it’s a typically left-field choice for a single. Sounding a bit like the Pixies with a drum machine, lines like “I’ve pictured you in coffins” are unlikely to get them on Top of the Pops. Still, with groups like Eels bringing their twisted American blues to the mainstream, Clinic may find themselves attracting some attention with this.

J.O./LOVE IF JUST A TOOL is a bit more upbeat, but also more disjointed, with Ade Blackburn’s vocals sounding like they were recorded from a phone box in the Shetland Isles, and each instrument playing what seems to be a different tune.

CUTTING GRASS, by way of contrast, is a race through two minutes of organ and drums, like the Inspiral Carpets on acid.

That says it all really.

4 stars