Clinic – The Return Of Evil Bill

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Liverpool four-piece Clinic have released a number of singles since their debut IPC SUB-EDITORS DICTATE OUR YOUTH, a vitriolic attack on that mainstay of student culture, the NME. Nonetheless, said periodical had the good grace to give their third release, 1998’s CEMENT MIXER, Single Of The Week.

THE RETURN OF EVIL BILL heralds the arrival of their long-awaited debut album INTERNAL WRANGLER and it’s an intriguing taster. The title track is a rumbling gun-slinging boogie with Morricone overtones, not unlike Gallon Drunk’s early efforts, but without the psychosis.

THE MAJESTIC, at under two minutes, serves more as a tequila-addled interlude, before THE CASTLE’s fuzzed up guitars and hammond organ enter the fray, although this time Clinic sound more like an inebriated Inspiral Carpets.

They have a fairly unusual sound for a bunch of Scouse indie wannabes. Hopefully, the expanse of the album will allow them to develop this further.

3 stars