Clubland Classix – Various Artists

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The Clubland party just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There are no moody bouncers, queues or dodgy dress code here; the doors are open and the sound of Clubland is pumping out. You’re all on the guest list!

Clubland has consistently remained the biggest dance compilation series out there, selling over 3.5 million copies since 2002. The Clubland crowd love it so much that this year has seen the brand explode into a massive, sold out 7 date Clubland Live arena tour across the UK, and Clubland TV (Sky Channel 378) – the channel dedicated to all the Clubland hits. And Clubland shows no sign of slowing down…

Clubland Classix is the story so far; a collection of the ultimate hits from Clubland available for the first time ever on one huge album! Across 3 CDs, these tracks are the favourites of the Clubland posse and have been the soundtrack to some of the best times of the last 6 years. These tracks have filled dancefloors, rocked house parties and pumped out of car stereos, across the UK.

Clubland Classix features 62 huge hits from 6 years of massive platinum selling albums. The list of top 3 smashes includes; Cascada ‘Every Time We Touch’, Flip & Fill ‘Shooting Star’, Bodyrox ‘Yeah Yeah’, Ultrabeat ‘Pretty Green Eyes’, Ian Van Dahl ‘Castles In The Sky’, Scooter ‘The Logical Song’, Infernal ‘From Paris To Berlin’, Special D ‘Come With Me’ and the massive recent hit ‘Heartbroken’ by T2. Plus classic #1 hits from the likes of Rihanna ‘Umbrella’ (Haji & Emanuel Mix), Sugababes ‘About You Now’ (Ultrabeat Mix), Meck ‘Thunder In My Heart’ and LMC ‘Take Me To The Clouds Above’.  This album is so big it should be given its own postcode!

And the hits don’t stop there. This album sums up the non-stop party vibe of Clubland with top ten faves like Sunblock ‘I’ll Be Ready’, N-Trance ‘Set You Free’, Mickey Modelle & Jessy ‘Dancing In The Dark’, X-Factor favourite, Dannii Minogue vs Flower Power ‘You Won’t Forget About Me’, Inaya Day ‘Nasty Girl’ and many more.

It’s easy to list out the massive hits on this album, but what shouldn’t be overlooked is just what Clubland means to so many people. This is one of the most successful compilation series ever! Clubland Classix is a collector’s piece for the fans and a perfect introduction to the sound of Clubland for everyone else!


Cascada ‘Every Time We Touch’
Scooter ‘Ramp (The Logical Song)’
Flip n Fill ft Karen Parry ‘Shooting Star’
Paradise ‘See The Light’
Ultrabeat ‘Pretty Green Eyes’
N-Trance ‘Set You Free’
DJ Aligator Project ‘The Whistle Song’
Porn Kings vs Flip n Fill ‘Shake Ya Shimmy’
Uproar ‘The Roof Is On Fire’
Milk Inc ‘In My Eyes’
Kelly Llorenna ‘Tell It To My Heart’
Ian Van Dahl ‘Castles In The Sky’
Trinity X ‘Forever’
Apollo ‘Dance’
Interactive ‘Forever Young’
Love Inc ‘You’re A Superstar’
DJ Flavours ‘Your Caress (All I Need)’
Tall Paul ‘Rock Da House’
Rezonance Q ‘Someday’
XTM & DJ Chucky presents Annia ‘Fly On The Wings Of Love’
Ultrabeat Megamix

Special D ‘Come With Me’
Gigi D’Agostino ‘L’Amour Toujours’ (Dancing DJs Mix)
Styles & Breeze ‘Heartbeatz’
LMC vs U2 ‘Take Me To The Clouds Above’
System F ‘Cry’
Groove Coverage ‘Poison’
Girls Aloud ‘Something Kinda Ooh’ (Flip n Fill Mix)
Pascal ft Karen Parry ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’
Eyeopener ‘Hungry Eyes’
Big Ang ft Siobhan ‘It’s Over Now’
Colours ft Domino ‘Hold Me And Kiss Me’
Drunkenmunky ‘E’
Slinky Minx ‘Summer Rain’ (Alex K Mix)
Neo Cortex ‘Elements’
Bimbo Jones ‘Come And Fly With Me’ (Flip n Fill Mix)
Voodoo & Serano ‘Blood Is Pumpin’
Keira Green ‘All Out Of Love’
Therese ‘Put ‘Em High’
Inaya Day ‘Nasty Girl’
Sunblock ‘I’ll Be Ready’
Dancing DJs ‘Fading Like A Flower’

Infernal ‘From Paris To Berlin’
Mickey Modelle & Jessy ‘Dancing In The Dark’
Breeze vs Lost Witness ‘Rise Again’
Bassfreakerz ‘Now You’re Gone’
Darren Styles ‘Save Me’
Manian ft Aila ‘Heaven’ (Cascada mix)
MAW ft Pupa Nas T & Denise ‘Work’
Chaah ‘Funkiness Of You’
Clear Vu ‘I Adore’
Booty Callers ‘Chasing Cars’
Frisco vs Ice MC ‘Think About The Way’
Sugababes ‘About You Now’
N & K vs Denis the Menace ft Alex Prince ‘Cruisin’ (Steve Murano Mix)
Lisa Abbott ‘Blow Me Away’
September ‘Satellites’
Dannii Minogue vs Flower Power ‘You Won’t Forget about Me’ (LMC Mix)
Meck ‘Thunder In My Heart Again’
Rihanna ft Jay Z ‘Umbrella’ (Haji & Emanuel Mix)
Bodyrox ft Luciana ‘Yeah Yeah’
T2 ft Jodie Aysha ‘Heartbroken’