CMD Presents Volume 1 – Various Artists

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Music Review by EDF

Some local artists just do not seem to get a break so it was up to Pro-Gravity Records in Cumberland, Maryland to address this situation and got local artists to contribute a track that will showcase that talent. What we have here is a total mish mash of styles where each artist has a unique sound.

From the rocking opening “Shakin’ Up My Room!” by Distorted Penguins with its mix of guitars and horns, this leads us to the repetitive, Joy Division like Chad Garber’s “Girl You’re so Fine”. Dr. Chipstar’s “Beautiful Eyes” has a blues, late 60’s West Coast influence, followed by veterans Full Steam Eddy’s rocking on “Over It Goes” which tries to “chase it round and round” and the track just ends up going nowhere. Horns feature on the rocking “Hometown Hero” by Today’s Special but this at times it sounds like a mess while speed metalers 200 North grace us with a one minute rendition of “Knocking At The Door”.

In a sudden break of mood is Nick Yoder’s pleasant but rough acoustic “Fake Smiles”. The longest track on this compilation comes from experientialist hip-hop Plan: BE on the fantastically titled, commentary entitled “The True Adventures Of Jesse In The Air Force 1998-2004”. Alternative group White Noise starts great on “Run Away” but seems to run out of juice half way through the track. Metalers Quid Pro Quo offer up the ear bursting “Carve Your Name” which leads to the albums final track by the acoustic rappers Truce II Headrush’s excellent “Lifeline”. As with most label only compilations, they can be either hit or miss affairs and this one unfortunately falls somewhere in between.

3 stars