Craig Johnston – Burning Times

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Music Review by EDF

The last few years has seen a number of singer/songwriters that have done very well for themselves and have found a loyal audience. Along the same lines is Craig Johnston from Scotland who has a very distinct voice and a decent set of songs to boot. From learning the piano at 12 and the guitar at 14, in no time Craig started writing songs. After he completed his studies at a school of contemporary music, Craig moved to Putney [London] and pulled pints at the Half Moon pub in Putney. He eventually stepped out from behind the bar and is now having a go with the music scene.

The four tracks here feature guitar, piano, cello and drums and all four tracks are a pleasant surprise. Opening with the funky acoustic TWO WORDS, it leads on to the slightly mournful BURNING TIMES. Both songs are about relationships that have not quite gone the way it should have. The more hopeful MADE OF STONE finds Johnston reassuring his lover that he is not made of stone. Out of the four tracks, WHY? is my favourite as it is more atmospheric than what has come before. Going by these tracks, Craig is someone to keep an ear out for.

5 stars