Dan Daniels And Your No Good Buddies – Guts And Gravel

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Album Review by EDF

Imagine if you can, a world where the Beatles never filmed or recorded A HARD DAY’S NIGHT. They might have continued producing rock ‘n’ roll records, bypassed travelling over to America and India, never dropped acid, which would have left The Rolling Stones as the most influential band of the 1960’s. The Beatles then continued to make music and are still performing but no one knows why they just don’t call it a day. What could this bunch of has-beens have to offer? Well, if music had taken this cruel course, the Beatles would have just grown old and with a little bit of country thrown in for good measure, would sound something like Dan Daniels, Dan Margolis and Shawn Mansfield.

Sounding like they have been playing together for decades, this threesome only formed in 2002 and has brought with it a fun element missing from most music performances these days. It is not as if these guys have to prove anything, regardless of their age they inject a carefree, fun and spirited effort that should embarrass younger musicians. Try listening to (I’VE BEEN EATIN’) ONIONS without a smile coming across your face or at least be surprised to find steel drums on SWEET MARY JANE. I mean I seriously cannot remember the last time I’ve heard steel drums on a record. This is a tough one to sell but I really enjoyed this and these guys have no inhibition to what they are doing.

4 stars