Daniel Bedingfield – Second First Impression

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Album Review by EDF

Well it looks like that car accident Mr. Beddingfield was in a little while back has scrambled a few of his brain cells. Now before you start getting worried and calling for a doctor, for Beddingfield, this is in fact a good thing. Except for the title of the album, what we have here is an improvement of structure, production and the most important thing, decent songs. Not losing any of his pop sensibilities, Beddingfield has come up with an album full of catchy tunes while showing off various styles of music. If you don’t believe me, check out the U2 like THE WAY and the hidden track to be found in the last minute and a half on the CD.

This album is a bit of a shock as it has proved that Beddingfield is not going to be a pop casualty like all those who have come before him and all those who have come along since, like his sister.

5 stars