Dannii Minogue – Neon Nights

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Album Review by EDF

It can’t be easy to be constantly in her big sister’s shadow but this album just might give Dannii Minogue some well deserved attention. The album this time round is a more funkier electro dance flavour that suits Dannii’s sultry image. The opening tracks, PUT THE NEEDLE ON IT and CREEP, would be the right sort of sounds to float out across a hot summer’s night. The highlight on the album is also the new single, I BEGIN TO WONDER with its stop start dance beats and a vocal delivery that would keep the crowd on the dance floor.

We go back to more funky-electro beats on HEY! (SO WHAT) but this makes way for FOR THE RECORD, a track that sounds, in more ways than one, like a Kylie cast off. It doesn’t get any better on the sounding slightly off key MIGHTY FINE which is anything but that. We get back on track with ON THE LOOP but on PUSH and DON’T WANNA LOSE THIS FEELING, we slip into automatic dance mode with a track that just does not want to spark into life. On the other end of the scale, MYSTIFIED could have easily been a by the numbers dance track but is saved by a sharp production and a decent chorus.

VIBE ON is back to the sultry Dannii that we know and love as she tells us about the vibration she wants to feel. I think I know what she is singing about, not unless somebody wants to confirm it with me. The cut and paste electro beats on A PIECE OF TIME makes this track an interesting listen but it is the final track IT WON’T WORK OUT is that you realise that this is the first and only slow track on the album. A couple more of those would have made this a better album and with most of the tracks not even hitting the four minute mark, this is nothing more than a pure pop album that is not trying to pretend to be anything else.

4 stars