Dan Pettitt – The Songs Of Dan Pettitt


Album review by Natalie Homer

This is folk music at its most honest. Literally burned onto a CD and labelled by hand Dan Pettitt, an independent singer-songwriter from Saltburn By the Sea in the North East of England, presents an EP “THE SONGS OF DAN PETTITT” of 5 tracks that are as poetic as the name of the place he’s from.

Dan cites Dylan as a major influence but has also been guided by poetry, conceptual art and spirituality. He says of his live performances, “I am always looking to create something intimate and personal.” This is true of his recorded efforts too.

I found the tracks relaxing and dreamlike, firmly rooted in simple acoustic-based music that spins everyday events and people into mythic status. This is a very personal and introspective body of work that lulls and cradles and is best consumed with a glass of elderberry wine.


Loved Up (Summertime)

Dancing Gypsy Child

Someone Or Something

This Is Heaven

Reach For The Stars

2 stars