Da Slammin Phrogz – Something About The Music


Single Review by Mark Bayross

This cheekily-named French duo, DJs Sami and Bibi, have been winning over audiences in Belgium, Switzerland and their homeland, not to mention over numerous well-subscribed webcasts. They have enjoyed a Saturday night residency on France’s premier radio station, NRG, and regularly occupy the decks of the hip n’ trendy “Les Bains-Douches” club in Paris.

It sounds very French, of course: phat beats, reverbed keyboards and soulful female vocals. Daft Punk comparisons would not be unwarranted. Kamasutra follow by remixing the song into a longer, more formulaic and considerably less interesting, house track.

Considering that they have worked with Dimitri From Paris (who provides a second remix in the form of a chunky-funky floor-filler) alongside Bjork, and the Brand New Heavies, and that they have already been asked to remix tracks by Stardust (MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU), Ultra Nate (FREE) and Michael Jackson (SCREAM), expect to hear more from the Phrogz in due course.

3 stars