Dax Penick – Overnight Sensation

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Album Review by Natalie Homer

OVERNIGHT SENSATION is the third solo album from Southern Indiana native, Dax Penick. Produced and recorded in his own studio and on his independent label HAIGHT RITE RECORDS, Dax has been plugging away at the music business since the age of nine. Between his second and this current solo effort, Dax formed an 80s inspired rock band called DE-HYDRATED which achieved moderate success and is described as having a local cult following. He then spent some time producing other small local bands but by November 2007, Dax had returned to the studio to work on more solo material.

A diverse array of influences can be heard throughout this album. From the sound of MOTLEY CRUE and other 80’s metal acts that inspired Dax to start playing guitar in 1988 at the age of nine, to the more contemporary sounds of JOHN MAYER and RYAN ADAMS, especially in track 8 I REMEMBER, a soulful reminiscence about having loved someone once. Dax has said this album is “the reflection of an artist that continues to grow and aspires to express himself with sincerity and honesty.” The sentiment comes across particularly in the acoustic songs like BREAKFAST AT TEFFANY’S. It’s candid and heartfelt. All songs and music are originals, aside from the last track CLOSER which was written by TRENT RAZNOR.

I’m not sure Dax has the same vocal versatility or smoothness that helped JOHN MAYER rise above the sea of artists producing similarly laid back and mellow music but he has certainly proved his commitment to his art and besides it’s early days yet.

3 stars