Deckard – Dreams Of Dynamite And Divinity

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

The second album from Scottish four piece Deckard – essentially Baby Chaos trading under a seemingly BLADERUNNER-inspired name – is one of those records that grabs you from the start. Polished and dynamic, it oozes immediacy right from the off.

Lead singer Chris Gordon’s immaculate production lifts these songs through soaring choruses and thrilling riffs, hitting the ground somewhere between Muse’s bombast, Placebo’s glam stomp and The Strokes’ cool, via occasional early Verve-style introspective moments.

While the likes of LIKE PICKING FIGHTS, WIRED FOR THIS and the funky HOLY ROLLING (love that Pixies bass!) fizz with electricity, another dimension is added by tracks like the haunting FALL DOWN AT THEIR FEET with its subtle use of strings, and the glacial GRACE’S ESTATE.

Admittedly, there are elements to Deckard’s sound that anyone with ears will have heard before, but these boys are more than mere Replicants – on the strength of this showing, one of the planet’s most engaging and talented rock bands is right under our very noses.

5 stars