Deep Porn – Various Artists

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Put on those headphones or at least find some privacy, open your mind as well as your ears and prepare yourself for some rather unusual music.

You’ve all seen, bought and listened to numerous albums with explicit lyrics or words to that effect stickered all over them, and it usually means you’re going to hear some strong language or a lot of strong language is you listen to certain rap artists with attitude.

‘DEEP PORN’ however is another story altogether. This album make all the others look like Disney. This is like a hard core porn movie experience for the ears and in a way that’s exactly what it is, but it’s also remarkably a good dance music album at the same time.

The press release says this is not an attempt to let porn stars show off their musical talent, and it’s not. What you have here is a number of top hip hop electronic artists using samples of a number of the hottest female adult film stars in full action, and mixing it all up to compile the most different and entertaining album you can imagine.

Featured musicians include ‘Kid Rock’, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs’, ‘Eli Janey of GvsB’, ‘AMG’, ‘Liquid Todd’, ‘George Clinton’ and many more. Participating Adult film stars include ‘Raylene’, ‘Midori’, ‘Heather Hunter’, ‘Rebecca Lord’, ‘Stacy Valentine’, ‘Rebecca Wild’, ‘Stephaanie Swift’, ‘Johnni Black’, ‘Shalya Leveaux’ and more. The album also features the recent UK drum & bass hit by ‘Danny Breaks’ and ‘AK1200’ with ‘Alicia Rio’ called “Pornstar Style”, released on Rob Playford’s well respected Moving Shadow label.

There are also some very funny short interludes between the main tracks.

As long as you’re over 18 and as I said before, open minded with a sense of humour, you should enjoy this with a smile.

The CD booklet contains some very nice shots of the participating females especially the one of Alicia Rio which you can also find in our Phase9 photo gallery.

If people are open minded enough there’s a good chance this album could find it’s way up to a high ranking chart position. It’s certainly got a good angle to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Can’t wait to here what’s next from this new adult record label.

5 stars