Deep Purple – Burn

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Album Review by EDF

The 30th anniversary edition of Deep Purple’s BURN is an interesting prospect as it’s the first Purple album to feature both Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale. With Ian Paice, Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord still on board, this does make for an enjoyable listen. From the roaring opening track BURN, this sounds like a band that have been given a new lease of life with the two new additions to the group. The now familiar bluesy keyboard sounds from Jon Lord takes over MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR LIFE. Even from this you can see the beginnings of the Whitesnake sound that Coverdale would successfully utilise.

LAY DOWN STAY DOWN sounds like the group’ answer to what Led Zeppelin were doing with its mix of guitar riffs, solos and boogie piano. Instrumental A 200 starts off as a Lord track with the now out of date sounding synthesiser melody before Blackmore comes in to save the day with a great guitar solo and then promptly fades into the distance before the end of the track. Even though SAIL AWAY was pretty much a group affair, it highlighted the rock-funk direction the group was heading towards and this change in direction resulted in Blackmore leaving the group soon after the release of the album. On this edition four album tracks have been remixed and there is also the addition of a b-side single, the funky instrumental CORONARIAS REDIG. If you already own a Deep Purple album, do yourself a favour and add a second one to your collection. You will not be disappointed.

5 stars