Diamond Gods – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Quite an interesting one this. DIAMOND GODS, an interpretation of David Bowie songs by various artists recorded over the years is a brave compilation that comes across as a labour of love. Some of the covers stick closely to the original and are quite good. Others attempt even more bizarre interpretations of the original tracks but overall, this is one for anyone who appreciates the man’s music.

ICEHOUSE, who had a big hit years ago with ‘Hey Little Girl’, who, along with IVA DAVIES provide a faithful version of ‘Loving The Alien’. DAVID FISHER, sounding a little like Bowie, has a go at ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’, an album track that would be more familiar to Bowie fans. A live version of ‘Heroes’ by BLONDIE has the added bonus of having Robert Fripp playing guitar, just as he did on the original. While this is all well and good, it is the alternative interpretations that make this collection enjoyable.

There is a second version of ‘Loving The Alien’ by THE NINE incorporating more of a driving dance beat that works quite well. The same can be said for BRIX SMITH whose own version of ‘Space Oddity’ starts off just like the original but brings her own ideas to the production without smothering the song. ‘Panic In Detroit’ by THE ARIES PARALLEL makes their version a bit funkier while BUSTER BLOODVESSEL from BAD MANNERS attempts a very strange dance version of the classic ‘The Laughing Gnome’ that really needs to be heard to be believed.

What Bowie would make of some of these covers is anybody’s guess but for the most part, you get a feeling that most of the artists had only good intentions when recording these. One thing is true that if a bunch of artists were commissioned to contribute to a Bowie covers album, it probably would not be as good as this one.

5 stars