Didgeridoo Trance Dance – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Here’s something the average connoisseur of World Music doesn’t usually come across every day; an album’s worth of music featuring the Australian instrument – the Didgeridoo. Before you all start sniggering, thinking that Rolf Harris had something to do with this, think again.

Music Mosaic, the label where this release has come from, has a mission and that’s to find “the pulse of global harmony”. To proceed with this, four compilations have already been released including LOTUS GROOVE, HEALING SOUNDS and INNER PEACE with more product to come. Each release features World Music sounds mixed with a range of beats from Trance Dance to the deeply meditative.

As for this strange release, the sound of the Didgeridoo is not the sort of sound you would think would mix very successfully within the dance genre but boy, does it work. Starting off with ‘Gurrupurung’ by GONDWANA, a fast drum ‘n’ bass led track, this might be a bit much for anyone who was hoping for a relaxing night in with a few lit candles. While the track is hypnotic in its own way, the same could easily be said for the dance-led beat track ‘Didge-Na-Gig’ by GLOBAL, a track that could be played in any club around the world.

Slowing the beats down a little to resemble a Trip-Hop style track, ‘Factory Farm’ by DIDJWORKS is atmospheric to a point where it feels as though the track is trying to paint you a picture or tell you a story or possibly both. Isn’t that what good instrumental tracks are supposed to do? ‘Entrance’ by SI is a trance journey made in the primitive company of two Didgeridoos and a Tapan Drum.

The great thing about this release is the amount of care that has been put into assembling the tracks on this compilation. Clearly, if this is an indication to the quality from the Music Mosaic label, than their other releases should also be checked out.

6 stars