Disturbed – Music As A Weapon 2


Album Review by EDF

Do you like your music loud? Maybe you’re a metal fan, hoping to hear something new and exciting? Maybe you are tired of hearing, reading and seeing The Darkness everywhere you go? Does that make you angry? If it does then you might check out this live album that gives you hope that there are musicians out there who are just as angry as you, even if they only show it for the duration of a live set.

This release is a document of the Sledgehammer tour in the States featuring headliners Disturbed with Taproot, Chevelle and Unloco who are all spread out on this album. Disturbed come across as another one of those angry Nu-Metal groups and are the best of the bunch featured here. A couple of tracks of note are their cover of Metallica’s FADE TO BLACK and the previously unreleased DOMINATION.

Taproot are represented by three songs and even though the songs sound average, the other thing they have going against them is that Stephen Richards vocals are mixed slightly too low or is it that the guitars are too loud? That would not be a first. We are then entertained by Unloco who bring a couple of structured songs to the table. To say that they are a bit lively would be an understatement but they are nevertheless a group to keep an eye on. Whether that eye is the open or closed eye depends on you, the metal fan. The last group featured here is Chevelle who seem to have forgotten to write a chorus for their FORFEIT track. If you want to experience some off key chorus singing then check out Chevelle’s THE RED.

I presume this album is representing the best of what young Nu-Metal acts from the States have to offer. If that’s the case, only half of them might have a chance of having a career lasting longer than five years. It will be up to them and the fans which of the four are going to be around the longest.

3 stars