DJ Pippi – Eivissa 2006

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Most Rated Ibiza Classics – Total Time: 76:04

Track List:

1-H20 feat Billie ”You Can’t Run” (Bud You Can’t Hide)
2-Gat Décor ”Passion” (Feeling High)
3-Hysteric Ego ”Want Love”
4-Rene et Gaston ”Valle De Larmes”
5-H.O.G. presents Groovelines ”You Got To Dance”
6-D.O.D. feat C de Melero ”1-2-3-4”
7-Don Carlos ”Alone”
8-Morenas ”Hazme Soñar”
9-Agora ”Moutayo”
10-Mandy Smith – ”Just Can’t Wait”
11-Jestofunk ”I’m Gonna Love You”
12-Black Box ”Fantasy”

Comment Tracks:

–D.O.D. feat C de Melero – 1-2-3-4
A record doesn’t always have to be a classic to be good! Such is the case with this track. It is meant to be an after-hours song. In Ibiza and all over the world it never fails to get people off their feet. I got sick of playing this record at one time but somehow, I’ve developed a love for it all over again! Thanks and much love to Cesar de Melero for making such an unmemorable track. It’s a secret weapon…try it!

This is an end of the 90´s BINI & MARTINI Production. It may be really cheesy but it’s another record that I drop from time to time and it always gets a huge reaction. It’s a funky tune with a powerful punch!

–H2O feat BILLIE – ”YOU CAN’T RUN” (Bud You Can’t Hide)
A sure shot classic record of the late 90´s. As much as I say to myself “leave it at home” I always end up bringing it along because there is always people that want to hear it and if I don’t have it they get disappointed!!

It’s a dreamy tune for playing at the end of the night. It talks of love and fantasy and I enjoy sending people home with a positive message. It was a big soul tune in the end of the 80´s.

This song needs no introduction!! An essential tune in Ibiza during the 80´s…pure Balearic feeling!

I will never forget that day. I was playing in Pacha for Ministry of Sound and DJ BREEZ from Ministry of Sound was the guest DJ of the night. He comes over to me and the first thing he says is that he has a hot new tune from London on acetate. At the time, acetate was a really exclusive thing. When I played it, the crowd went crazy right away. You play this in the middle of a House set and it’s guaranteed to make them go mad.

Morenas was the follow up to the legendary track 100% Balearico SUEÑO LATINO….deep with an electronic and Balearic mix. This could be a peak tune or a warm up one also….but I put it in the after-hours category because it is a great way to calm down after being danced out!

This is pure and authentic Balearic sound, with a beautiful feeling. It’s dreamy and it’s got beautiful string sounds and a nice atmosphere that sends out a warm feeling all over the dance floor. I’ve always liked the idea of playing music that is seductive and magically sexy. Joey Negro gave it a refreshing edit.

This has definitely had a very big influence on me and club culture in Ibiza. You were just smothered in funky feeling!

An all-time Ibiza anthem and a classic worldwide…always gets a brilliant response.

Best track on hyppest 90’s Duch label Fresh Fruit, it’s a dreaming Tune no one deed something better in this way. It’s a unique track! As a strange title bud! The melody of this track is incredible and brings you completely in another dimension, absolutely Classic master peace after 14 year still Rocking all over the world!


I was very honoured when Defected asked me to make a compilation of my favorite Balearic Tracks. We all know that the market nowadays is flooded with many compilations bud this collection as a very special bliss

My Pacha and Ibiza experience between 1984-2006 during the golden age of House Music! has left me with many fond incredible happy musically memories and many amazing glamorous nights and support such god god music, with this selection I present ones of my favourite tracks from the past years and I hope to make you happy for some moments.

Special Thanks

All the staff at Defected who supported and helped me a lot to make this project happen. Thank you so much Simon Dunmore giving me the opportunity to express my self. Thank you Ellie, Neil, T. Tambourine, Tony and you….

Short biography of legendary Ibiza DJ Pippi

From his incredible long residence at the Top Ibiza Club PACHA and worldwide hits we always remember ‘I Luv U Baby’ the unique Undiscovered Ibiza series, DJ Pippi + Jamie Lewis feat Kim Cooper ‘Impress Me’ Purple Music, Fatal Fatal on Defected, Papacha “Benimussa” Papacha “Sentossa” on Stereoproductions ….

Pippi has always been at the forefront of the island vibe in projecting a positive Ibiza musical image. During the winter he has spent a lot of time and energy in the new I.K.L. Studio in Ibiza. DJ Pippi created a new project under the name I.K.L. working together with djs and producers like, Rules of the Deep, Pierre Ravan, Cesar de Melero, Chus & Ceballos, David Penn, Danny Marquez and many more.

The follow up to the last year’s Club Anthem ”Impress Me” by Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi is scheduled to be released before summer of course, always with the sexy and original vox of Ms.Kim Cooper and DJ Pippi & Jamie Lewis In The Mix 2006.

Most of the island will therefore be immensely pleased to hear that for summer 2006, DJ Pippi reconfirmed his residency on Thursday @ Xueno Club in Formentera Island, the best and only place on the little white island, and every Saturday ”People from Ibiza” again takes place @ Garden Terrace of Amnesia with DJs: DJ Pippi, Cesar de Melero and DJ Oliver.