D.) None Of The Above – Songs For Pablo And The 45 Minute Project

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Sure to give magazine sub-editors nightmares in the unlikely event they do become famous, d.) None Of The Above are one of only two acts on Seattle’s Supply And Demand Records (the other being the company’s founder, Chris Cox) and, in keeping with the label’s apparent mission statement, create music that is entirely instrumental.

Claiming to be an “impromptu band that record everything and write nothing”, this is experimental lo-fi of the loosest, most unstructured kind. Issued as a two-disc set, SONGS FOR PABLO and THE 45-MINUTE PROJECT differ only in that the former is divided into three songs and the latter is just one.

Unfortunately nothing happens in any of them, and once the realisation has dawned on you that you’ve spent an hour and a half of your life listening to the sonic equivalent of paint drying, you are liable to get a tad annoyed. Which, given their undoubted slacker credentials, I am sure wasn’t their intention.

2 stars