Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Please Describe Yourself

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Album Review by EDF

Can you feel it happening? Music has been slowly changing during the last couple of years. After suffering from some feeble angst ridden groups during the past few years, you know ‘wet music’; music without balls, there is a growing number of bands appearing who perform with a purpose. From Franz Ferdinand to The Killers, there are even more similar groups out there and Dogs Die In Hot Cars can comfortably join them.

Produced by the ever capable Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, this Scottish group mixes a fine blend of early XTC with a hint of Madness. Both melodies and hooks that have only resurfaced recently push the songs forward. This album is full of ten quality tracks although the start of PAUL NEWMAN’S EYES shows that the group do have a sense of humour. The running time on this album is not that long with most of the tracks lasting less then four minutes. This harks back to the days when most albums had very few fillers and the bands mentioned earlier have released albums where quality and not quantity being one of the reasons for their recent success.

5 stars