Do Me Bad Things – Time For Deliverance

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Do Me Bad Things are a pseudonym-enhanced nontet who fuse funk, rock, soul and the kitchen sink into songs that are supposed to become the mutant offspring of Queens Of The Stone Age and Funkadelic, but end up sounding more like an only slightly less irritating Darkness.

TIME FOR DELIVERANCE follows on from debut single THIS SONG RIDES and will undoubtedly go down a treat at Glastonbury, but the combination of wailing and frantic guitar widdling could tip me either way. B-side SLAP YOURSELF is thankfully a bit more punk and you can’t fail to find the refrain “Everybody / slap your body” amusing, but the tedious electro-cheese of BARRYTOWN nearly made me Do them Bad Things.

All very clever and ironic no doubt, but this teeters on that fine line between fun and taking the piss.

4 stars