Donald Wayne Johnson – Half A Heart

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Album Review by EDF

Let me just set the record straight before you, dear reader, continue with this review. I’m not a big fan of country music but there was something here I really liked. There is a certain charm or maybe it was the album cover that makes it hard not to like Donald Wayne Johnson. Johnson’s lyrics are more connected to the average man, a kind of country equivalent to Bruce Springsteen with a voice that, at times, sound like a mixture of Springsteen and Joe Cocker.

Johnson moved from California to Nashville to pursue his singing career. Even though Johnson favours jazz, rock and contemporary Christian music, his backing musicians eventually turned him on to country music. This genre seems to suit Johnson and the songs on his self-produced album are confident. Funnily, Johnson credits his songs as Don Johnson but there is a definite difference between the Miami Vice star and this country artist. This is one guy who is bound for the bigger stage.

5 stars