The Donnas – Gold Medal

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

GOLD MEDAL is the sixth album from The Donnas, and follows on from their breakthrough SPEND THE NIGHT with more Ramones-inspired turbo-charged rock n’ roll.

Lead single FALL BEHIND ME cements their riot grrrl attitude from the outset (“You’re gonna fall behind me / you’re gonna cry and beg for mercy”), while the breezy nature of tunes like FRIENDS LIKE MINE and the title track present a deceptively accessible front to smartly acerbic lyrics like “It’s age before beauty/ and you’ve got neither” (the seriously rocking IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE”).

Chocked full of catchiness, from funky opener I DON’T WANT TO KNOW (an obsessive relationship from a female stalker’s point of view) to the poignant REVOLVER (getting revenge on an abusive partner), the Donnas have delivered another album to make you think and make you smile while they rock you silly.

4 stars