Dope Smugglaz Allstars – Barabajagal

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

In advance of their forthcoming debut album, DOPE RADIO, Dope Smugglaz release this, with the addition of the “Allstars” to their name to denote the enormity of the guest vocal contribution. When you are called Dope Smugglaz, you can’t really top the drug credentials of Shaun Ryder and Howard Marks as collaborators – short of resurrecting William Burroughs or Timothy Leary.

The single has a breezy Black Grape-esque swagger, by no means the best track on DOPE RADIO, but a characteristically summery tune nonetheless. Elsewhere you’ll find an uncharacteristically minimal remix by their mates the Utah Saints, alongside a trancier, more beat-heavy Moonchild remix.

DIGITAL THUNDER, another album track, appears here in extended ten-minute form, as does the video for the single, featuring the artist and good friend of the band, Craig Cooper.

4 stars