The Drum – Horn Front

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Following the release of their critically-acclaimed album, DISKIN at the beginning of May, and a tour of the UK supporting Fungus and Suicidal Tendencies, The Drum have wasted no time in releasing this single.

It’s a melodic, noisy affair, producing a sensation not dissimilar to being time-warped back to 1991. Chiming guitars, squeals of intermittent feedback and vocals flatter than Mel C’s chest evoke the where-are-they-now? indie scene of early nineties showgazers like Moose.

Not content with this musical journey down memory lane, WATER takes you back even further, throwing in a Joy Division-esque bassline, serving as a contrast to the TROMPE LE MONDE-era Pixies surf-rock tones of BULLBAR.

All three songs grow on you; any lack of musical proficiency is made up for with enthusiasm and a surprising degree of catchiness.

4 stars