Earlimart – Treble And Tremble

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Album Review by EDF

It’s funny how bands can be assessed by what their main musical instrument is; some are guitar driven, others are keyboard driven and the rest might feature a bit of both. Earlimart wisely use a bit of both and in a way they sound quintessentially English even though they come from sunny California. In fact the mood is not quite sunny but these songs are warm and atmospheric and sometimes they are as experimental as say the Beatles were in seeking out new sounds.

From the opening track, you are seemingly taken to another plane of existence where you are asked to “hold on, you might be perfect” on HOLD ON SLOW DOWN, a piano led slow track that shows promise from this maturing group. The sentiments of reacquainting with an old flame on THE HIDDEN TRACK will seem familiar to some people. The second half of the album is apparently where the soul lies, as if it had been recorded thirty years ago, so I’m told. The experimental UNINTENTIONAL TAPE MANIPULATIONS benefits from changing the sound each instrument makes, kind of sounding like Depeche Mode’s ‘I Feel You’. HEAVEN ADORES YOU reminds you that the group can write beautiful melodies and in fact this album shows more depth than most other releases right now.

6 stars