Electro – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Mix albums will always get a mixed reaction, as they do tend to sound the same. This could be said for ELECTRO but for those who grew up listening to this genre of music, the experimental elements within the tracks make this an interesting and exciting listen. Not only is the music full of ideas and energy, you can hear what is to come, as well as what the influences are on the genre. On the first five tracks on CD1, Kraftwerk samples can be heard throughout. As the CD goes on, the Kraftwerk samples are replaced by other samples such as James Brown and this would lead to court cases to determine at what point the sampled artist should receive royalties.

Another form of music to come out of ELECTRO is rap which is represented by STETSASONIC, THE BEASTIE BOYS and KURTIS BLOW, although why LOVEBUG STARSKI’s silly ‘Amityville’ is included is anybody’s guess. This leads us to CD2 where you can find classics such as HERBIE HANCOCK – ‘Rockit’, GRANDMASTER FLASH – ‘White Lines’ and SHANNON – ‘Let The Music Play’. What you will notice with the tracks on CD2 is the party vibes that you can still get even though they sound a bit dated. There are some tracks that you will not recognise but as these are mixed in quite well, this is one compilation that you should have no trouble listening to from start to finish. This is without a doubt a history lesson in music.

5 stars