Elevator Suite – Barefoot And Shitfaced

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Album Review by EDF

There are very few new artists who release a debut album that is different to anything else that’s around. Elevator Suite has managed to release a cool sounding jazz influenced record that tries to be different with it’s approach and actually succeeds.

Try to predict the outcome to WEEKEND WONDERBOY and you will realize that you had not been listening to the lyrics closely. The lyrics are written by Paul Roberts but its also the teaming up of multi-instrumentalist Steve Grainger and DJ Andy Childs, whose appreciation of jazz, dance music and easy listening tunes, that musically manages to bring out something extra. THE CROWN CAPER instrumental sounds like something taken from a late 60’s English mob movie.

Two of the singles, MAN IN A TOWEL and BACKAROUND are included here and are as catchy as anything those mass-produced puppet boy and girl groups churn out with the aid of certain record companies. Here you can appreciate the musicianship on these tracks.

SIXTEEN is the most diverse track on the album but my personal favorite is AIRHEAD. Listen out for the sound effect that had me scratching my head on the first couple of listens.

It is obvious from listening to these tracks that Elevator Suite have a good ear and could produce movie soundtrack instrumentals if they wanted to and the way these tracks are layered and produced, it is very unlikely they will run out of ideas.

6 stars